Nathaniel Rotimi Foundation

“Education is the Greatest Weapon you can use to Change the World”. –Nelson Mandela

As the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria has an alarmingly large number of children and young adults with limited basic education who have little hope of education and therefore no opportunity of joining the formal workforce, much less changing the world around them.

Social responsibility towards our communities is a core value at the MacTay Group because we firmly believe that our communities should prosper as we prosper. This is one of the reasons why we set up the Nathaniel Rotimi Foundation.

Through the Foundation, we carry out a large variety of initiatives aimed at balancing the inequalities suffered in our communities. One of the most pressing for us is to provide access to qualitative education.

Our goal is that by year 2025, we would have educated and trained a minimum of 300 under-privileged young people into becoming a responsible and valuable workforce for the Nigerian economy.

Using the different initiatives created under the Nathaniel Rotimi Foundation, we are determined to support the under -privileged children in our communities and unleash the untapped potentials of the world’s future innovators and leaders.


Going through life trying to achieve my dreams and aspirations was such an ‘unfeasible feat for me…now thanks to the foundation, I’m currently pursuing my HND in Accounting in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

Yetunde Ojo Scholarship Recipient Lagos

The MacTay Group through the Nathaniel Rotimi Foundation has been sponsoring my education for some years now. My senior secondary education was sorted out and my university first year session fees have also been sorted out. I greatly appreciate all their efforts in trying to bring out the best in me.

Ogochukwu Uzodimna Scholarship Recipient Aba