Robethson Energy provides a world class procurement and supply service, bringing to bear our expertise, experience and global partnerships. We provide equipment and materials, supporting production, facilities, and infrastructural projects in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. We have been privileged to establish long standing relationships with renowned original equipment manufacturers across the globe.

The ability to consistently deliver timely and high quality solutions at very competitive prices has enabled us establish a formidable partnership with our clients.

Some of the equipment we supply

  • Piping materials and fittings,
  • Electrical & Instrument [E&I] equipment and materials,
  • Structural Materials,
  • Personal Protective and Fire Safety equipment, Production equipment,
  • Drilling equipment,
  • Oil-field equipment / spare parts, General Construction and maintenance equipment,
  • Subsea equipment,
  • Wire-line equipment,
  • Work-over equipment etc.